On 08/06/07 21:57, Georg Acher wrote:
> ...
> "Our" vdr does already. Due to performance constraints with the Geode,
> remux.c was replaced in the RMM-vdr with a more optimized one from the
> beginning (but it's still API compatible). That allows some really nasty
> extensions...
> Now there's a simple h264 detection added. It's maybe not formally correct
> (I'm sure that I've missed some obscure packing scenarios), but it works
> with the few h264 channels on air... After the h264 detection, the remux
> output is no longer PES, but raw TS. So the CPU load SDTV vs. HDTV is about
> the same, no complex repacking is done for h264. The TS recordings have a
> synthetic PMT now and then, so they are correctly detected by mplayer/vlc.
> The frame index is also stored, ie. go-to and jumps work. The playback
> section detects the TS format and forwards it directly via the
> TS-play-methods to the card, as the TS demux runs on the DeCypher (load
> sharing, quite important with a 300MHz turtle ;-) ).

How do you handle different audio tracks (German, English, etc) and
subitles in a TS stream? (Not that the core VDR supports subtitles, yet,
but it will at some point, and I don't see that happening with TS).


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