Georg Acher wrote:
> There was a discussion on that in this list a while ago which ended in
> fruitless anoyance about one binary only module in the Linux kernel on the
> HD card. Look for "future VDR and NetCeiver OEM from Reelmultimedia" and
> "issues about binary only code...".

its not really about the binary if its working its mote the fact that
future kernel wont support this binary stuff and its supposed to be a
future proof solution

> For the moment, we have only a plugin for vdr and some demo programs to
> transfer TS/ES data. There's no plan for a DVB adapter-like integration, but
> there's no obstacle in writing one...

"only a plugin for vdr"?
does that mean a output plugin like the one for the dxr3?
does it work with other plugins like the dvd-plugin?
what about the h.264, vdr does not support that (yet)?

> The current scheme works quite fine, also it requires only a small
> DVB-independent kernel driver for establishing the shared memory
> communication. BTW, when reading the DVB-ML, I don't get the impression that
> the DVB subsystem is in a good shape for the near future :-(

anything better to offer?
the problem is that this is the only solution for linux with vdr

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