On Mon, Aug 06, 2007 at 08:30:26AM +0400, Igor wrote:
> Dear Georg
> which minimal requiremnts (CPU, memory) should has computer during
> watching h264 satellites channels or playing back of 1080i-files, if this
> card will be install in the VDR-computer ?

Almoste the same HW (but with different form factor) is used in the Reelbox
Lite. It has a 300MHz Geode (128MB) which is much slower than any EPIA CPU
you can get. But it's enough to watch and record HDTV at the same time. The
raw playback needs about 20-30%CPU time, but that's only because the Geode
can't do any bursts on the PCI bus as a master and therefore the PCI
bandwidth is limited to about 12MB/s.

> BTW, what variant is better - to buy this card or to upgrade CPU and
> video-card?

Depends ;-) The power consumption of the card is less than 8W, might be
useful in some applications...

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