Udo Richter wrote:
> Matthias Schwarzott wrote:
>> makefile-destdir.diff:
>> It add variable DESTDIR to makefile to install under $(DESTDIR) instead of /
> I would prefer something like DESTDIR=/usr/local that can be redirected 
> to /usr or /tmp/newpackage/usr or similar, just as many configure 
> scripts do it. On the downside, this wouldn't work for 

the usual convention is PREFIX, which defaults to '/usr/local' and can be
changed to eg '/usr/' or '/sw/vdr-1.6.0' etc.
DESTDIR is completely independent -- it adds _another_ prefix; this is used
eg when building packages.
So "make install DESTDIR=/tmp/BLD-38746 PREFIX=/sw/vdr-1.6.0"
means to assume the program will be installed in /sw/vdr-1.6.0 (and look
for config files in /sw/vdr-1.6.0/etc/, binaries in /sw/vdr-1.6.0/bin/ etc),
but to copy all the files to /tmp/BLD-38746/sw/vdr-1.6.0. This way you can
build a package w/o disturbing the /sw/ tree and install using a package 
manager later.

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