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> While we're on the topic of adjusting the Makefile..  I propose the
> following change to install-plugins:
> old:
> @cp --remove-destination $(PLUGINDIR)/lib/lib*-*.so.$(APIVERSION)
> new:
> @cp --remove-destination $(PLUGINDIR)/lib/*.$(APIVERSION) $(PLUGINLIBDIR)
> The difference is copying *.$(APIVERSION) rather then
> lib*-*.so.$(APIVERSION).  The reason is because not all plugins use
> the same naming (softdevice for example) and this minor adjustment
> would eliminate the need to edit the Makefile for this with every new
> version of vdr, or having to manually copy them to the install dir.
> Also I see no reason against it since we keep the APIVERSION.

Which libs of softdevice are not matched by the "old" style ?

Softdevice targets usually are:

TARGETS = libvdr-$(PLUGIN).so

and (with subplugins):
TARGETS   += lib$(PLUGIN)-xv.so
TARGETS  += lib$(PLUGIN)-dfb.so

which are finally installed to:


And this should be match by : "lib*-*.so.$(APIVERSION)"

> And also the following change to clean-plugins:
> old:
> @-rm -f $(PLUGINDIR)/lib/lib*-*.so.$(APIVERSION)
> new:
> @-rm -f $(PLUGINDIR)/lib/*.$(APIVERSION)
> Again using *.$(APIVERSION) instead of lib*-*.so.$(APIVERSION), and
> also if we're going to clean plugins from the source dir, it seems
> fitting to clean the installed ones as well since it's the expect
> behavior from most users I've observed.

Stefan Lucke

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