On Wed, 2007-08-15 at 18:55 +0200, Ludwig Nussel wrote:

> Have a look at the SUSE vdr package. It installs headers and
> Make.config into /usr/include/vdr. When compiling plugins you have
> to use "make VDRDIR=/usr/include/vdr LIBDIR=/usr/lib/vdr all".

it always strikes me, that vdrs build process is rather limiting. you
can not just download a plugin unpack, build and install it. no, you
have to first find your vdr source, unpack it to the right path, rename
or link it correctly, then go to the vdr main dir and do make plugins,
filling the screen with output of plugins you already compiled. most
plugins even don't allow to be compiled from within its own root as they
use the default Makefile.

the way it should be IMHO is "make; make install" should build and
install vdr (in $(PREFIX)/bin) and all plugins (in $(PREFIX)/lib/vdr)
that are within PLUGINS/src/ and install vdrs headers in
$(PREFIX)/include/vdr. additionally there should be a vdr.pc for plugins
to use to get all needed info for building outside of vdrs source (most
important CFLAGS).

best regards ...

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