When I started writing VDR, I wanted to have things simple
and straightforward. Therefore everything went into one
directory, and VDR was also run from within that directory.
This is pretty much still how I do things today, because I
want to have several versions of VDR in parallel and never
actually "install" it.

I see that there is apparently a demand for actually "installing"
VDR and spreading it's files into various different places,
so I don't want to stand in anybody's way.

The only request I have is that it must be possible to unpack
VDR into a directory and do

make vdr         to compile the vdr executable into this directory

make i18n        to build VDR's i18n files into ./locale

make plugins     to compile all plugins under ./PLUGINS/src and have
                 their *.so files end up in ./PLUGINS/lib, and also
                 have their i18n files end up in ./locale

VDR must be runnable from within its source directory and must
search for plugin files in ./PLUGINS/lib and for locale files
in ./locale.

If it is necessary to add something like LOCAL=1 to the make calls,
that's fine with me (this should, however, also be definable in
Make.config - I don't want to have to add this every time I make VDR ;-).

If these basic demands are met, I don't care what any "install"
targets actually do, and where they spread all the files into.
So I will therefore accept any patches to Makefile, newplugin
and Make.config.template that mess around with the "install"

I have copied the latest versions of these files to


so that people who want to change things can use them.

Please try to keep the changes to 'newplugin' at a minimum, though,
so that plugin authors won't have too much to adapt.


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