While we're on the topic of adjusting the Makefile..  I propose the
following change to install-plugins:

@cp --remove-destination $(PLUGINDIR)/lib/lib*-*.so.$(APIVERSION)

@cp --remove-destination $(PLUGINDIR)/lib/*.$(APIVERSION) $(PLUGINLIBDIR)

The difference is copying *.$(APIVERSION) rather then
lib*-*.so.$(APIVERSION).  The reason is because not all plugins use
the same naming (softdevice for example) and this minor adjustment
would eliminate the need to edit the Makefile for this with every new
version of vdr, or having to manually copy them to the install dir.
Also I see no reason against it since we keep the APIVERSION.

And also the following change to clean-plugins:

@-rm -f $(PLUGINDIR)/lib/lib*-*.so.$(APIVERSION)

@-rm -f $(PLUGINDIR)/lib/*.$(APIVERSION)

Again using *.$(APIVERSION) instead of lib*-*.so.$(APIVERSION), and
also if we're going to clean plugins from the source dir, it seems
fitting to clean the installed ones as well since it's the expect
behavior from most users I've observed.

These two minor changes resolve problems that are experienced by many
users.  Those problems being vdr not running because of missing plugin
binaries because not all of them were copied during install-plugins
(the inquiries about this are endless).  And users having a ton of old
plugin binaries left in their install dir even after 'cleaning'.

Sure the authors of plugins, if they can be contacted, can be hassled
to change the file naming, and people can be taught to manually remove
plugin binaries...but why not just make a couple small changes to the
system that eliminates the problem?  Seems like win-win to me.

Other opinions are welcome.  Thanks!

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