Luca Olivetti wrote:
> En/na Anssi Hannula ha escrit:
>> Note that KDE does provide the user a list of languages, but it does not 
>> use gettext, but instead uses its own glibc-derived implementation for 
>> translation, with file format being the same.
> [...]
>>> Isn't there perhaps a way to tell gettext *explicitly* which files
>>> to use, completely bypassing this whole broken setlocale stuff?
>>> In that case VDR could collect it's list of *.mo files and decide
>>> by itself which one to use.
>> I'm not aware of such a way.
> I think that in your message there's the solution: do *not* use gettext 
> but use an own implementation. Maybe borrowing kde implementation (which 
> is already C++) it's easier than translating the pascal class I proposed 
> before (or maybe not ;-).

Actually, it seems KDE 4 uses real gettext to do it, and uses the 
following code:

     // Point Gettext to new language.
     setenv("LANGUAGE", language, 1);

     // Locale directories may differ for different languages of same 
     bindtextdomain(name, localeDir);

Maybe just using 'setenv("LANGUAGE", "de", 1);' will do what we want, 
without need for setlocale()? :)

I have to go now so I can't check that yet.

Anssi Hannula

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