Great that the subtitles are now part of the VDR. Unfortunately, there
seems to be some problems still. I tested this new VDR version for
some minutes and noticed that some subtitles were shown too late in
live tv watching. I didn't check how the timing of subtitles is done,
but it seemed that VDR missed one "sync-point" and after that all the
subtitles were shown one "sync-point" too late. Channel change seemed
to correct the situation for a while.

Similar problem was seen on two channels, so I think that the
broadcast was ok in this case. Also, I haven't seen similar problems
earlier with subtitles-plugin. I didn't notice this kind of error
either when viewing recordings made with subtitles-plugin. I didn't
test yet if the problem can be seen also with recordings made with
1.5.10, but I think I can test that later today.

Testing was done with VDR 1.5.10 without any plugins, TT FF 2.1 DVB-C
card  and YLE 2 and YLE Teema channels here in Finland.

Anyone else seen this kind of problems?


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