Tero Siironen wrote:
> Great that the subtitles are now part of the VDR. Unfortunately, there
> seems to be some problems still. I tested this new VDR version for
> some minutes and noticed that some subtitles were shown too late in
> live tv watching.

> Testing was done with VDR 1.5.10 without any plugins, TT FF 2.1 DVB-C
> card  and YLE 2 and YLE Teema channels here in Finland.

I don't know is there same reason or not, but xine plugin crash within one 
minute on channels with subtitles (YLE1 for instance).

Last syslog entry is:

Oct 16 16:40:41 vdr vdr: [25576] subtitleConverter thread started (pid=25486, 

And xine output:

SetPlayMode: 0
SetAudioChannelDevice: 0
SetPlayMode: 1
[vVMSetDigitalAudioDevice: 0
SetAudioChannelDevice: 0
A]buffered 14,2 frames (v:23,3, a:14,2)
read(4) returned 0, error 0: Success
vdr-xine: Client disconnected!

My config:
vdr-1.5.10 with femon, remote and xine plugins, KNC1 DVB-C budget card.


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