On Tue, 16 Oct 2007, Tero Siironen wrote:

> some minutes and noticed that some subtitles were shown too late in
> live tv watching. I didn't check how the timing of subtitles is done,
> but it seemed that VDR missed one "sync-point" and after that all the
> subtitles were shown one "sync-point" too late. Channel change seemed
> to correct the situation for a while.
> Anyone else seen this kind of problems?

Not exactly. I haven't noticed any out of sync problems, but yesterday 
during YLE's Prisma document the subtitling just vanished. No subtitles 
tracks were available, when I tried to select the language in subtitles 
menu. The problem was solved by changing the channel to another and 
back and subtitles were available again...

Another minor problem I've noticed few times is a picture freeze for a 
second. This is a new feature on my setup after VDR's integrated 
subtitling and the freeze has happen always on channels with DVB 


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