Elias Luttinen wrote:

> I also noticed that subtitles disappeared when I was watching YLE TV1, but 
> they also went missing from cable television provider's analog channel 
> later.
> About the same time when subtitles vanished the following entry was 
> written to the log:
> Oct 16 21:02:22 jupiter vdr: [2515] subtitleConverter thread started 
> (pid=2452, tid=2515)
> Oct 16 21:05:30 jupiter vdr: [2509] switching to pre 1.3.19 Dolby Digital 
> compatibility mode
> Oct 16 21:05:30 jupiter vdr: [2509] setting audio track to 1 (0)
> Why to switch to pre 1.3.19 Dolby Digital compatibility mode?
> I didn't notice any sync problems or picture freeze. I'm using satellite 
> FF card with cable budget card.

I confirm the same logfile entry. I was watching "heute" on ZDF (ASTRA
19.2E) a few minutes ago. Subtitles appeared as expected, but after a
while, the above log entry appeared, and there were no more changes on
screen regarding subtitles.

>From that time on, every subtitle caused a "crack" in the dolby audio
track and vdr-xine reported some FIXME's in code which deals with dolby
audio packets.

It seems to me, that subtitle packets slip through as "ancient" dolby
audio packets.

I took a short recording ("Wetter"), which can be used to reproduce the

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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