* Ludwig Nussel schrieb am 27.01.08, um 17:35 Uhr:
> Works fine now, breaks tomorrow. We had the dvb kernel module
> package long enough and I was so glad when the dvb drivers finally
> went into the upstream kernel. I'm not going to maintain another
> kernel module package again.

The same applies for Debian, i was very, very happy when we dropped
the dvb-modules-package from the archive and i do not intend to create
a package for any (unofficial) kernel module again. (Especially one
which could conflict with kernel-modules a official
distribution-kernel may ship.)

In the current state, it would not be possible for Debian to ship a
vdr version > 1.5.13 in the official archive.

Currently it is not urgent for me as we do not package vdr 1.5.x for
the official archive (yet), but i am sure that this change is causing a
lot problems for Thomas Günther who provides unofficial packages for 

I really hope that either vdr 1.5.x gets a compile-time-switch to
build and run with the vanilla kernel-sources or even better that the
multiproto-drivers will be merged into the mainline kernel soon.


Thomas Schmidt, Debian VDR Team

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