En/na Klaus Schmidinger ha escrit:

> There's one thing I can say: this patch is not going into the official

Sure, I understand that

> VDR source. The problem is in the DXR3 plugin: the correct way to handle this
> is for the OSD object to truthfully report whether it can handle the
> requested areas or not, and if it claims to be able to handle them,
> then do so

Well, it isn't so simple, since color management with the dxr3 uses many 
Natively it's only capable of 2bpp, but with a lot of tricks it manages 
4bpp for a typical osd. If it reports 2bpp, most everything would work 
(I think osd teletext wouldn't) but with a very dull osd, if it reports 
4bpp everything works as long as there's no antialiasing.


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