En/na Luca Olivetti ha escrit:

>> ... and this went away when I changed the cDxr3SubpictureOsd constructor
>> to call the cOsd with proper level. Unless I'm missing something - and I
>> bet I am - the system seems to be working smoothly now.
> Mmh, it should be already doing it, look at line 39
> http://dxr3plugin.cvs.sourceforge.net/dxr3plugin/dxr3/dxr3osd_subpicture.c?revision=

(slaps on head), ok, that's calling it with 0, in my local copy I'm 
calling it with Level (probably the problem was introduced when I made 
the patch for the cvs version supporting older vdr releases).
Sorry for all the trouble.

Ville, are you listening? ;-)


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