> Streamimg to Popcornhour is practically O.K. (without image failure), 
> but sometimes popcornhour freezes and hard restart is needed.
> And sometimes it takes a long time at buffering (between select channel
and start playing).

On my DVB-C x2 setup I see that I cannot stream, but this is because I don't
have resources available for decrypting HD-streams for live streaming.
Usually video start with small (3-5s) delay, and you can see it when PCH
displays what audio track it is going to play. 

But I've never had my device locked up (A100) with streamdev. Just this
'unavailable' channel so it is trying to buffer, then after 20s returns to
menu. Perhaps streamdev should be able to announce if it cannot get the
requested stream by sending pre-rendered MPEG-clip with "channel unavailable
because of resources".

> I want to ask you about some additional patches for streamdev or some
advices for solve this issues.

I think you should capture streams with WGET to your VDR disk, try to play
them with PCH, and if you see a failure, then run it with tsdoctor (runs
with wine) and communicate it with vdr-streamdev author Frank. He was very
helpfull on generating PCH patches 1-5 to streamdev, I just tested those on
my setup. 

- Jori

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