> But I am using vdr-1.7.0 and there is possible to watch HDTV channels 
>(for example astra 23.5E Nova HD, Eurosport HD).

My setup is VDR 1.6.0 patch level 2, which is the latest stable system
I use DVB-C but it does not matter.

> One problem is random SIGSEGV on vdr with streamdev-server and sc plugin, 

I don't see such problems on my setup. 

> Big problem is randoming popcornhour freezing while watching stream - it 
> needs turn popcornhour off and on again.

My PCH A100 does not freeze. It plays nicely without any judder (in contrast
VDPAU thread - I had to mention :) if you set 1080p50. This is how HD should
Perhaps next good option would be the Dreambox DM8000.

> But I have solved long buffering times on popcornhour - i have created
> html page and in hyperlinks must be with VOD attribute:

This works but you need to maintain channel list by hand. Streamdev with
already provide VOD-tag on link. Without it you PCH would not show the
Just enter PCH webservices: http://[your_vdr_ip]:3000/TS/

A couple of times I've been mentioning that for PCH it would be nicer to
proper interface to use. Streamdev's default works ok, but it does not
any EPG info or channel grouping. There is a PCH application to do that but
IMO it works wrong way, install a application to PCH to show EPG, when you
use the web browser for that. And that application does not show channel
if the channel does not have EPG!

- Jori

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