2009/2/17 Goga777 <goga...@bk.ru>:
> Приветствую, Tomáš
> can you watch hdtv channels on Popcorn with vdr 174 ?

Hi Goka777,

This week I switched to vdr-1.7.4 and streamdev-cvs (both without any patches).
Its better than vdr-1.7.0 and streamdev-1.3.4 but popcornhour still
sometimes freezes (while watching SD /HDTV channels) and power off
from electrical network is needed.

I tried Nova HD and Eurosport HD channels and I am able to watch both
of them. But sometimes with freezing.

With what can I help? Could I save stream and store somewhere to FTP
for analysing or send some logs from vdr?

Best regards, Tomas

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