Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
> On 08.12.2008 06:03, VDR User wrote:
>> Just curious why you prefer that setup instead of going the budget
>> route for the same or less cost?
> Well, because I already have several of these FF cards, and it's
> so easy to set up a VDR with them.
>> It's cheap these days to have even
>> HDTV, especially with VDPAU now.  FF seems to have understandably gone
>> the way of the dinosaur.
> I'm pretty sure there are quite a few systems out there using
> FF DVB cards. I wonder why you are constantly arguing against
> them ;-)
> Klaus
It´s the same question I wanted to ask but I refused as I thought this 
might be again lead to an endless discussion.

The difference I see: The FF was available for years and delivered a 
near perfect image (at least if you had a FF 1.3-1.6 with RGB out), but 
now, this thing is discontinued and suffers of the limited bandwith 
(still haven´t looked for someone who could be able to modify my card). 
So now, the FF indeed is a dinosaur, especially with an LCD-TV and with 
the patches floating around delivering a synced gfx card output. I still 
have a FF on my own and was satisfied with if for more than 5 years, and 
indeed: it was easy to set up. But with HD, the time for FF in the 
living room will soon be over.

In contrast to the FF, in my opinion, the eHD is already a dinosaur as 
Micronas has stopped producing the chip. I don´t know how many eHDs 
Dream Multimedia has still on stock, but I think the hardware supply is 
much more limited than it was with the FF cards.

But this is not the point: This time I don´t like the focus on this 
special solution, especially as this makes it clear, that VDR will never 
become a media center solution. But we all know: Klaus also never wanted 

After all those years, I don´t want to leave VDR, but as already a lot 
of people mentioned, I am also going to try to set up XBMC and VDR 
side-by-side. And if once XBMC will have a good TV support, I am going 
to switch completely, as my world has expanded to the wishes playing 
back MP3s, DivX, Ogg, MKV, YouTube etc. without any problems because of 
necessary transconding, and then, using a normal gfx card and no limited 
hardware solution.

With kind regards

Joerg Knitter (still a big VDR fan)

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