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> Hi,
> I don't like the hd discusion because we don't have
> any tv's which are build using a well developed standard.
> E. G.
> You can buy a lcd tv and after two years you can't use it's
> hdmi connectiorr of hdmi revision 599,95.0

I personally have many products with HDMI and have never experience
any incompatibilities.  They exist but certainly don't seem to be

> hd ready->full-hd/hdmi1.1, 1.2 1.3 .....
> I read something about limitations of current hdmi standard so we will
> maybe we get displayport as new solution???

Don't know anything about that but I have no problems so no reason to
look.  I have no problem up to the max my 60" tv handles which is

> In my opinion we should wait to get a stable well supported standard for
> tv's and the used format like 720I or 1080P ....

The problem I have with this way of thinking is that it completely
ignores all the people who've already invested in new equipment.  For
example, HDMI is here to stay and it's readily available in countless
products so do you really think the best solution is to ignore it
until something better comes along?  That makes no sense to me
what-so-ever.  If you want to hold out for something better then
you'll always be outdated and always be holding out since something
better is always coming.  Support what's available today and people
will be happy.

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