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> It makes no sense to me supporting  something
> which can't be used with hdtv stuff in one year!

HDMI isn't going anywhere any time soon.  Neither is h264, or anything
else so can you give us some examples of things you think won't be
usable with HDTV in a year?

> This wastes development time for non working and almost outdated stuff.

I don't think you'll find many people who agree that adding support
for present and future needs, like h264, is a waste of development

> Doing h264 decoding in software isn't praticable.

I completely disagree.  You can build (or simply update) a box now at
little cost which can provide this capability.  If you don't believe
me just ask all the people already doing it in software who didn't
rely on something like the eHD!

> I see the problems regarding the EHD from reel.

Me too, and one of the biggest of them being that it's already been EOL'ed!

> Micronas doesn't develop afaik this stuff any more and paying allmost 200 EUR 
> for
> a decoder card hmm ???????

For $200, I'd rather upgrade my cpu or video card and have money left
in my pocket!

> My favourite solution will be decoding h264 with a strong gpu.
> Maybe vdpau?

Yes!  VDPAU has been giving people great results putting the cpu
requirements very low!  And the best thing is you can get a VDPAU'able
card for cheap!  In my opinion this solution is perfect for people who
want HDTV at a cheap price and aren't ready to ditch their old crappy

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