> FF seems to have understandably gone the way of the dinosaur.

It has been true for the older FF cards, but there might be a 
possible new generation/revolution of FF cards, though it was 
originally considered expensive sometime back.

Other than for the FF cards, there are cards (not in retail yet, 
prototypes right now) which can do Bi-directional DMA to the 
card for descrambling of the recorded TS using the CAM. Don't 
know how soon these cards with Bi-directional DMA similar to the 
Ethernet cards would appear and even if so, might be a while till 
a driver for the same supports such a feature.

(Right now can't say anything more than this, stated this much, 
so that: if the development can go in a direction similar to what 
hardware appears)

For such cards, a TS format (as broadcast) for recording would be 
more appealing as a starting point if they were to appear. 

It might be a bit more time, to know the actual status, but the TS 
feature might be a still important feature, if that were to happen.


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