Just some small comments..

I don't think I argue against FF (btw, my main vdr box has two Nexus-s
in it), more along the lines of argue for other/better options of the
current times.  Sure, FF was a great choice for it's day but that day
has moved on in my opinion.  Maybe it was never intended that VDR
become a real media center but clearly there's a big need for it more
& more every day.  I would take it as a compliment that people's first
choice is that VDR becomes an up-to-date solution for tv/media!

As I understand it, there will be at some point a new FF but the price
will be out-of-reach for the average user.  When the option becomes
spend money on a single FF card you can use with an old piece of junk
pc, or spend the same money on an updated pc with far more capability
then the solution is clear... For my money anyways.

Believe me, a lot of people were happy to hear that VDR was _finally_
going to support things like hdtv/h264, mpeg-ts recordings, etc.
because it means there's light at the end of the tunnel and we might
not be forced away from VDR afterall.  Even if the wait has been
painfully slow.  I'm sure all of us would prefer VDR to have a bright
future instead of already be past it's prime.

In a way the whole thing of bringing VDR to current/future needs
reminds me of my grandmother..  She's a writer and insisted on using
an old crappy word processor.  She turned her nose at the idea of
replacing it with a computer even if it was a far more capable option.
 Eventually she was convinced to give the computer a try and has since
never looked back.

Ok, carry on.  ;)

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