> But for anybody who wants to use a beamer these FF-cards are full pain
> with there stupid outputs. I (and many others) want DVI/HDMI/Display-Port.

And I want beamer that has a network card and can download and show the
content downloaded from vdr server. I don't know whether they 
could connect to streamdev-server or xineliboutput server plugins.

> Struggling with xineouput or xineplugin or softdevice is a real pain.
> Same for direct AC3 output on SPDIF.

I btw. played in this evening with N810 and checked whether the device was 
powerful enough for connecting to VDR and showing tv.
It was as the compination of streamdev server on vdr and mplayer on N810 
worked really well over wlan with following command on N810.

mplayer http://<my-vdr-server>:3000/PES/<channel-number>

With vdr-xine I was not yet as lucky, I build the xine-libs and vdr-sxfe 
with scratchbox but sofar at least Xv or xshm video outputs failed to 
work. I will need to investigate this furher...


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