Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
>> FF will die in a years or two (months?) i guess and vdr has no well 
>> integrated outputs.
> Is there anything in the VDR plugin API that would prevent a plugin
> from implementing a suitable output device?

I guess not, but there are (from my view as user with knowladge how to 
compile and to fix compile-dependancies) it is (as i told) a real pain 
to get the things going.

And yes this is not a problem of vdr.

The level to get everything going is high. ac3directout, softdevice, 
ffmpeg, xv-xserver, ... On the other side you pick an evil-windows 
system, and the output of the media data simple and easy.

It is a linux/system and not vdr problem, which does the recording 
really nice and good!

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