afaik this behaviour is related to PES recordings only, see my bug 
report here (it broke sometime last year but worked with the release 
version of the A110!):

I couldn't observe this behaviour anymore since using vdr 1.7.4 with 
native TS.

If this problem still exists please amend my bug report above.

Best regards,

alexw schrieb:
> Hi,
> Yes, I confirm this. With the latest firmware, the memory leakage is 
> gone and the PCH can be used more than 20 min ;-) There is still an 
> issue with the anamorphic parameter. The WSS info is not properly taken 
> into account for the first 16:9 stream played. If you press the zoom 
> factor you will come back to the gaya GUI and next time you want to play 
> a video, it will crash the NMT. The work around consists to play another 
> video type before (mkv/avi...). Otherwise using it as a VDR frontend 
> works perfectly.
> Cheers,
> Alex

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