>> If I pause live video then restart it starts in slo-mo i.e. judders, and
>> then eventually freezes, but may then start again, still juddering ….
>> and freezing …
> Well, then I have no idea why it wouldn't work with an NTFS partition,
> while it does work with others.
> Klaus

Hi Klaus,

I have similar problems using a NFS share under some circumstances:

The general problem is that the index file stops growing after a few
seconds, while the 00001.ts file growing normaly.

1. Using a local HDD with ReiserFS for recording, everything works well.

2. Using NFS V3 with the mount options tcp,hard,sync the index file
stops growing.

3. Using NFS V3 with the mount options tcp,soft,async the index file
keeps growing. I was happy figured that out, but there seems to be
another problem.

While having heavy network load this problem occurs again.

An example:

Cutting a movie on my NFS share, while recording a new movie to the same
NFS share causes in the same problem, the index file stops growing.
And... it does not start growing again, after the cutting has finished.

This means that I have to stop/start the recording to get a correct
index file again.

Could it be possible, that the process which is writing the index dies
in some kind?

I've never had a problem like this in older VDR versions, and I often do
cutting and recording at the same time.

BTW: Is the a way to (re)create a new index file for TS like genvdr for
VDR file did?


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