> Well, if there are buffer overflows and the TS data is corrupted, it's
> no wonder the index file stops growing.
> Does this happen on all channels, or only on some (or even only on a
> particular one)?

Well, I've tried it on several channels
ARD,ZDF,arte,Das Vierte,MünchenTV and so on.

Channels with high (6-8MBits/s) and normal (3-4MBits/s) bandwidth.

Every channel has the same problem.

Using hard,sync,intr on NFS shares causes in a reduction of permanent
write-throughput to roundabout 4,5 to 5,0 Mega Bytes/s.
That should be enough to record two streams at the same time.

Using soft,async,nointr on NFS shares causes in a higher permanent
write-throughput to roundabout 9,5 to 10,0 Mega Bytes/s.

With this setting, I can make two records at the same time, but a
third one (record or playback or cutting) does not work well.


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