>> I've never had a problem like this in older VDR versions, and I often do
>> cutting and recording at the same time.
> Strange - the code for actually writing the index file hasn't changed
> between PES and TS recording. But maybe you can take a closer look at
> the changes to cIndexFile between version 1.7.2 and 1.7.3.

The last VDR I used was 1.4.7

This is my first step with the new devel version 1.7.x

I can't say when the problem occured first, but I try to figure it out,
including older versions.

Unfortunately I'm not experienced in C/C++, but I will give it a try.

>> BTW: Is the a way to (re)create a new index file for TS like genvdr for
>> VDR file did?
> I believe you mean 'genindex'.

Yes, of course, I meant "genindex" - it was early in the morning.

> Maybe I should make VDR automatically generate an index file when replaying
> a TS recording without one...

This sounds good, very good! And it would solve our problem here in
some kind.

I will come back here as far as I have news about.


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