>> A TS recording is only marginally more data than the same length recording
>> in PES. I don't think that recording in TS should require so much more 
>> bandwidth
>> than PES.

>That's clear to me.

>> There must be an other problem that's causing this, but since this doesn't
>> happen here on my system, I'm afraid you'll need to do the debugging ;-)

>No problem, I'll try "debugging" the problem with my tools :-), but I
>have no chance "debugging" in the code. :-(

Further investigation reveals ringbuffer overflows reported in syslog as soon 
as recording starts.

I can put some trace into the code as Klaus has suggested. Assuming that what I 
am experiencing with NTFS is another manifestation of the problem Gunter is 
seeing with NFS - What would be useful?

>> Just to be sure: this *is* an unpatched version 1.7.4. we're talking about,
>> right?

>Yes, of course. It's installed from a fresh download,
>also 1.7.3 and 1.7.2

Mine is also a clean 1.7.4 install. Note that I am using the latest Liplianin 
drivers with two patches applied - av7110_ts_replay_1.diff and 
av7110_v4ldvb_api5_audiobuff_test_1.diff applied.



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