> Well, if there are buffer overflows and the TS data is corrupted, it's
> no wonder the index file stops growing.
> Does this happen on all channels, or only on some (or even only on a
> particular one)?

Additional infos:

I recompiled older versions beginning at 1.7.3 and made some tests.

1.7.3 acts exactly like 1.7.4
one record -> bufferoverflow
The native networkthroughput is between 2,8-3,7 Mega Bytes /s
for one stream. -> Much to high I think!

1.7.2 seems to be o.k.
one record -> no problem -> throughput is between 0,8-1,2 MB/s
two records -> no problem -> throughput is between 1,8-2,6 MB/s
three records -> no problem -> throughput is between 2,8-4,0 MB/s
four records -> PES pkt shortened -> throughput is between 3,8-5,4 MB/s

All tested while using the "slower" NFS share.

Why does one TS stream require a three times higher
bandwidth in 1.7.3/1.7.4 than a PES stream in 1.7.2 do?

I think we're getting closer to the problem :-)


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