On 23.03.2009 01:46, Hawes, Mark wrote:
>>> A TS recording is only marginally more data than the same length recording
>>> in PES. I don't think that recording in TS should require so much more 
>>> bandwidth
>>> than PES.
>> That's clear to me.
>>> There must be an other problem that's causing this, but since this doesn't
>>> happen here on my system, I'm afraid you'll need to do the debugging ;-)
>> No problem, I'll try "debugging" the problem with my tools :-), but I
>> have no chance "debugging" in the code. :-(
> Further investigation reveals ringbuffer overflows reported in syslog as soon 
> as recording starts.
> I can put some trace into the code as Klaus has suggested. Assuming that what 
> I am experiencing with NTFS is another manifestation of the problem Gunter is 
> seeing with NFS - What would be useful?

Let me try increasing the amount of data written at once first.


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