On 03.09.2009 12:10, Falk Spitzberg wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, den 02.09.2009, 08:49 -0700 schrieb VDR User:
>> Sounds like your question is more appropriate for the vendors customer
>> support of that product.
> Definitly not, because my question ist only about the VDR core. I am
> just trying to find out what VDR does different when it transfers data
> to a device in live TV compared to replay from disk. That's completely
> independent from any device that's in use.
> Maybe that the eHD card is the only output device that crashes on VDR TS
> replays.

The following is related to recent developer versions of VDR 1.7.x.

In live mode (i.e. "Transfer Mode", since the eHD has no tuner)
the TS data stream is written into a ring buffer by the receiving
device (e.g. a DVB-S(2) card) and from there it is sent to the
output device (the eHD plugin) through a call to PlayTs().
In this case every TS packet is sent to the output device separately.

During replay data is read from disk and stored in a ring buffer
that holds entire "frames", which are just a sequence of TS packets
that make up one video frame (including audio). The output device's
PlayTs() is called with an entire frame.

The only real difference between live mode and replay I can see
is that in live mode TS packets are sent individually to the
output device, while in replay mode larger blocks of data are
sent. However, I don't see why this would cause the problems you

AFAIK the Reel plugin requires several patches to the core VDR
code, so there may well be things I simply don't know of, because
I haven't looked into the Reel code (yet).

Maybe it's ok if I use this opportunity to ask if somebody could
point me to a "complete idiot's guide to installing the eHD software"
(meaning the necessary software that goes into the eHD itself, as
well as the latest version of their plugin). I know, I could search
for this myself, but I'm sure there's somebody out there who knows
exactly where to find these ;-) Maybe I'll find the time to actually
bring up my eHD and adapt the plugin to the latest developer version
of VDR...


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