Op Za, 5 september, 2009 18:11, schreef VDR User:
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> It sounds like the eHD is the most expensive solution in all areas;
> time, money, patching, etc.  Whereas, vdpau seems to be at the other
> end of the spectrum being the least expensive, easiest, and so on.

Depends on how you look at it. I got mine for almost 1,5 years now and
I've been able to see and hear HDTV without problems. Yes, the other
plugins for mediaplayback seem to have problems with a vanilla VDR setup.
But currently I use ReelVDR anyway and it works like a charm and without
the problems I have with a vanilla VDR setup ;)

> I've got 3 boxes running vdpau, all with different hardware and my
> experience has been the same with each setup.. It was a piece of cake
> and took almost no time to get going.  Now I guess it's the guy who
> had a horrible experience turn to tell his story. ;)

I've been experimenting with VDPAU for a while. And yes, it's the next big
thing when it comes to hardware accelerated playback. But since I need to
put in an additional NVIDIA based videocard with Purevideo HD
capabilities, I rather use my onboard intel for X.org and stick to my eHD
until I have the money to get me a Atom based device with an ION chipset

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> Derek


Niels Wagenaar

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