Gavin Hamill wrote:
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On Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 6:24 AM, Lauri Tischler<> wrote:
Somewhat related question is, is there some solution to have
HD-VDR without X, other than eHD ?
Not that I'm aware of but by no means have I researched that question
in depth. ;)

All this hullaballoo with vdpau/X/xine etc.. is somehow stupid
if all you want is HD-STB.
I'm not sure why you think vdpau is stupid if you want an HD stb.
Using vdpau gives you the ability to have HD on systems that normally
wouldn't have a chance at all, and it provides this at a very lost
cost.  The cheapest I've paid so far is $20 ($30-$10 MIR) for an
8400GS pci-e.  So for a mere $30 on average, your old system that
couldn't handle HD now can.  Stupid is the last thing I would describe
that as.

Hm, I'd be happy to pay $150-200 for a hardware output card, similar to
the good old FF technotrend cards, if it could save me hours of messing
around with SVN bleeding edge code and trying to run exotic deinterlace
filters :)

I think that's what Lauri is getting at - the statement 'vdpau is
stupid' is perhaps a little inflammatory, but there must be more
time-efficient ways (other than the eHD card which is now hard to

I should have said 'needing X to run HD-VDR is stupid"..
I sure wish there was a NEXUS-FF-S2 card with HDMI 1080p output,
or similar, I dont like X and GUIs in general.
In old Byte Magazine guy named Steve Ciarcia said "the best compiler
is solder", still true.

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