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> I'm not sure why you think vdpau is stupid if you want an HD stb.
>  Using vdpau gives you the ability to have HD on systems that normally
>  wouldn't have a chance at all, and it provides this at a very lost
>  cost.  The cheapest I've paid so far is $20 ($30-$10 MIR) for an
>  8400GS pci-e.  So for a mere $30 on average, your old system that
>  couldn't handle HD now can.  Stupid is the last thing I would describe
>  that as.

Which gentoo overlay are you using for vdpau enabled xine-lib? I
assume you need xine-lib-1.2 and vdr-xine or vdr-xineliboutput with
vdpau enabled? Which driver version of nvidia do you require and which
version of Xorg and xcb?

Thanks in advance.

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