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> Am Mittwoch, den 12.05.2010, 15:27 +0200 schrieb Rob Davis
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>> Does anyone know where this is happening now?  I know the xbmc forum was
>> down for a while, but this discussion never seemed to happen again
>> afterwards.
> Hello Rob,
> Could you please specify in what kind of PVR discussion or what kind of
> information you are interested?
> I could point out a few threads to you but I'm confused about what you
> want and why you ask here and not on the XBMC forum?
> The whole vdr-plugin-vnsiserver discussion is IMHO taking place at
> www.vdr-portal.de ATM.
> Cheers,
> Henning

I used to use:


But it hasn't been updated for a while.

I have been using pvr-testing and pvr-testing2 for a while now, and try
to keep up to date.  However, I have two problems/questions which I want
to either ask or flag to the developers but am unsure how to do it or
even if it's a known issue?

One is, there is an epg issue with people in the -X to GMT timezone,
where our listings don't appear for X-1 hours. (So me being in the
Chicago timezone (6 hours behind London) At 7am, xbmc won't see any
listings before 12pm...  I hacked this in a previous version, but don't
know whether this is a known issue which is being addressed?  It happens
with both vnsi and streamdev.

In vnsiserver, ac3 spdif sound seems all mixed up.  ATSC here only uses
AC-3, but 5.1 sound only plays with Left and Right front speakers, so I
can't hear any dialogue.  On my HD-PVR, I get no sound at all, xbmc sees
an AC-3 stream, but the info page says 0 speakers?  However, the audio
settings while the stream is playing believes it to be a 5.1 audio track
(which it is..)

vnsiserver seems much better with the hdpvr as it doesn't start and stop
the stream three times like streamdev does..  (Big blue light flashes on
the hd-pvr box when it's being used.)

Streamdev will not display output correctly from my pvr500 card using
pvrinput.  It works with vnsi and obviously vdr-sxfe..


Rob Davis

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