Eric Valette wrote:

In vnsiserver, ac3 spdif sound seems all mixed up.  ATSC here only uses
AC-3, but 5.1 sound only plays with Left and Right front speakers, so I
can't hear any dialogue.  On my HD-PVR, I get no sound at all, xbmc sees
an AC-3 stream, but the info page says 0 speakers?  However, the audio
settings while the stream is playing believes it to be a 5.1 audio track
(which it is..)

vnsiserver seems much better with the hdpvr as it doesn't start and stop
the stream three times like streamdev does..  (Big blue light flashes on
the hd-pvr box when it's being used.)

Streamdev will not display output correctly from my pvr500 card using
pvrinput.  It works with vnsi and obviously vdr-sxfe..

Well, on the other hand, streamdev works with eac3 not vnsserver. In france HD TV use eac3 for audio.

Sreamdev works thus better than vnsiserver for me .

I suspect the issue we're having with vnsi is pretty much the same, audio passthrough is broken. If vnsi recognises the audio then it converts it to only two channels. In your case it doesn't so you probably get only a picture, which I get with my pvr-input based hdpvr. My other issue is only with the pvr-input plugin and streamdev. The analogue channels (which I use for cable channels through a set top box and a channel change script) gets scrambled when it arrives at xbmc. Ffmpeg doesn't recognise the codec. However that works with vnsi. My hdpvr basically does the same thing for HD channels. It converts them to an h264 channel with ac3 audio. With streamdev, it seems the input is opened three times before the stream is sent (Big blue light comes on and goes off three times) then 1 in 3 times 10 seconds later xbmc starts to show it. With vnsi, within 3 seconds the picture comes on the screen, but no audio.

vdr-sxfe, the audio goes out of sync within about 10 mins with vdpau and the hd-pvr..

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