also you can discuss with a devellopers on xbmc-pvr irc channel on

the archive you can find here is

> > I have been using pvr-testing and pvr-testing2 for a while now, and try
> > to keep up to date.  However, I have two problems/questions which I want
> > to either ask or flag to the developers but am unsure how to do it or
> > even if it's a known issue?
> I guess the best thing is to report these issues one by one on the XBMC
> bugtracker:
> When you open new tickets, please use the prefix "pvr-testing:" when you
> report a bug regarding PVR stuff. 
> Also choose the developer "alwinus" and the component "unified-pvr".
> Additionally, if you also want more casual feedback on these reports from
> the German VDR community who is testing vnsiserver right now, please post
> links to your Trac tickets on 
> You can post there in
> English language, that's not a problem.

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