On 6/29/2010 2:11 PM, Christian Wieninger wrote:

as far as I know, vdradmin uses epgsearch's conflict check. epgsearch
itself determines the available devices and their properties and
supported sources with the same means as VDR itself.
So a mix of different cards and different sources should be no problem.

In the timers window of vdradmin, it also shows no conflict, and does show that no more timers can be set at that time for those TP/tuners. If you tell it you have more cards, it says the time slot is clear. When I have more tuners and set overlaping timers, If I set it to 1 tuner, the timer list says conflict and If I set it to more tuners then I have, it shows it clear for more timers. This is a seperate matter from what happens on screen. It says conflicts when there are none. I thought maybe it had to do with how the entry was made. I have text2skin and enigma skin if that matters.

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