adding the -v 3 doesn't show any more in the logs that I have seen, but another example of how changing the channel on the timer is messing something up:

 It picked up a show and set a timer

 I changed the channel to the local channel

Now the local epg data has arrived and in vdradmin timeline it show the show in red showing it has a timer set. If I do a search, list the shows for both sat and local and gives the option to setup a timer for the sat channel only because the local is set. BUT, if you go to the timers page and click on the altered entry, it says "can't find epg". What ever is off that causes that is likely also what is causing the OSD notices of timer conflict when there is none. Also, when in an OSD menu, the timers are listed on the right with text2skin/engima and below that it also says timer conflict.

On 6/29/2010 2:11 PM, Christian Wieninger wrote:

Am 29.06.2010 20:36, schrieb Timothy D. Lenz:

The problem is, it doesn't properly change the entry. This is the
summary for the timer as it first sets up:

<epgsearch><channel>90 -

And just changing the channel, it does this:


This "<channel>" entry is just for information and is not used in the
conflict check.
epgsearch tries to simulate all future recordings in its conflict check.
It checks if your devices are able to record the timers channel at the
given time. This is done by 'simply' using the same algorithm as VDR
when it has to decide what device should be used for a recording at the
timer start. So even things like working CAMs are checked.
Perhaps you could enable verbose logging to see the single steps of the
conflict check:

-P'epgsearch -v 3'

Another problem I've run into, vdradmin only allows you to set a flat
total number of dvb cards. It doesn't allow for the fact that not all
the cards are the same. I had a second dual atsc tuner which went bad
and will be replaced. So right now I have 2 tuners, but only 1 of each
time and will have 4, but again, only 1 is sat.

Some of this maybe a problem with epgsearch plugin since that is where
the search and auto timer setups is done.

as far as I know, vdradmin uses epgsearch's conflict check. epgsearch
itself determines the available devices and their properties and
supported sources with the same means as VDR itself.
So a mix of different cards and different sources should be no problem.


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