On 12/12/2010 20:29, Steffen Barszus wrote:

external epg source is possible allready - i just think the merge and
general handling could be improved :)

If you try to prove everything is possible via plugin yes. Vdr could even be simply a plugin loader as someone else suggested. The problem for the end user is how many packages do he have to install and configure to get a decent functionality and how easy is it.

for most users compiling from sources is simply too complicated. I tried packages from yavdr and they do not work for me. I have been forced to use the debian pacakging and remove patches to correctly have HD TV via XBMC.

vdr-developer.org is a beginning :) and most new development is
announced here too.

I rarely found anything useful at vdr-developer.org except maybe a small description of some plugins but almost nothing about their status if they are actively maintained, the git location and so on. Even the description of channel.conf is quite innacurate. In fact this list is the almost unique source for information.

xmltv epg can be translated and imported into VDR now allready, there
are a couple of other epg providing plugins and scripts as well, the
main problem is available epg data possible to be fetched and

Did you try to use it recently. The xmltv to vdr perl script is unmaintained and obsolete...

What about live plugin if the epg is imported into vdr ? It can handle
epgsearch searchtimer, normal timer etc - so that allready exist to
some extend :)

live plugin needs streamdev and epgsearch to function right. So again it is not basic VDR. Plus, in France in never managed to find anything useful via the various search feature.


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