On 12.12.2010 19:46, Eric Valette wrote:
> On 12/12/2010 19:24, VDR User wrote:
>> On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 9:46 AM, Paul Menzel
>> <paulepan...@users.sourceforge.net>  wrote:
>>>>> Having epg in a DB (sqlite,mysql) might also be nice.
>>>> You are going to find a lot of opposition to this.  Thinking of sql, I
>>>> don't recall ever hearing anyone suggest VDR using it would be a good
>>>> idea but I have heard people will look into other options if it ever
>>>> did go that route (as mythtv uses currrently).
>>> That is why Steffen wrote to make it a plugin.
>> EPG support falls into the category of the most basic functionality.
>> I'm not convinced things like this belong as optional plugins to be
>> honest.  Some things, such as VDR's attachment to FF cards, make sense
>> as plugins.  But it seems the automatic answer to everything is 'make
>> it a plugin' now.  So is VDR to become merely a plugin manager with no
>> actual core functionality anymore?  Is it wise to have VDR rely on
>> plugins to be usable at all?  These types of questions deserve
>> consideration when you want to walk on slippery slopes.
> Remember that for example in france the DVB-T stream EPG contains only
> the actual program and the next program. So it is hardly useable at all.

Have you ever considered complaining to your broadcasters about this?
Here in Germany even DVB-T has an extensive EPG.

> You now have most other video recorder code that use xmltv one way or
> other (tvheadend, myth, ...). I like VDR because it is simple but OSD is
> so poor that it need to be integrated in something else (xine, xbmc) to
> provide a decent GUI and then you need a bunch of plugins (streamdev,
> epgsearch, ...).

I always find it amusing how people consider the GUI so important.
Come on! It's a *video recorder* for cryin' out loud! It's main
purpose is to record and replay tv broadcasts. The menus are tools
that allow the user to program timers, select channels and replay
recordings. If the GUI is more important to you than the actual
functionality, go ahead and install some of the nice skins floating
around, or use something completely different as the user interface.
To me, the menu system is nothing more than a means of making VDR do
what I want it to do - and that's recording and replaying actual broadcasts,
rather than showing me some pretty eye candy.


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