I agree, the less layer upon layer upon layer, the better.  I also
want to point out that there are a large number of users who have
dedicated VDR boxes connected directly to tv's in an htpc environment,
using only a remote control to navigate the menus and ssh for box
maintenance.  Not computer monitors, using VDR in a window in a
desktop environment.  The second you've required the user to have a
full blown desktop, you've entered the realm of poor design.  The
ideal situation would be to have minimal requirements/dependencies and
no bloat.

Additionally, an OSD that takes advantage of vdpau as well so you not
only get full HDTV, but also a full high resolution/high color OSD
with low hardware requirements & cost to the user to go along with it.
 I know the OSD has been a point of debate but the truth is people do
spend a lot of time in the OSD and because of that, there's no reason
that can't be an enjoyable user experience.  Chalking it up as mere
"eye candy" completely disregards that fact.  It's no different to the
reason why people put nice stereos in their car... to have a better
experience while using it.  Given the choice between a nice Benz or a
base model Kia...how many people would actually choose the Kia?  Not
many, so lets not pretend otherwise.

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