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> Hello!
> I upgraded my VDr system from 1.6.0 to 1.7.16. After upgrade, I found
> that my FF card (fujitsu-siemens dvb-c) crashes almost every time when
> I exit from a recording playback. It won't tune anymore. Usually OSD
> still works but sometimes it also crashes. Only way to recover is to
> restart VDR and reload kernel module. I'm using latest fw for ff card.

Have you tried this firmware: ?

But even with that firmware you must not switch to a DVB-S2 Channel,
since that will crash your card in any case.
> Ps. For some reason sc plugin doesn't work either with ff card even I
> have forced to transfer mode from sc plugin menu and started it with
> -B switches. Maybe it is related to this crash?
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