I'm have been using a Technotrend FF sat card on 1.7.16 without a

Check you are using the latest firmware.


> I upgraded my VDr system from 1.6.0 to 1.7.16. After upgrade, I found
that my
> FF card (fujitsu-siemens dvb-c) crashes almost every time when I exit
from a
> recording playback. It won't tune anymore. Usually OSD still works but
> sometimes it also crashes. Only way to recover is to restart VDR and
> kernel module. I'm using latest fw for ff card.


Same issue here. I was thinking it was an issue with the card, the
firmware, the motherboard or pci latency.
In the end I stopped using it... I'm even considering giving it to
someone else.

The only plugins i'm using are xineliboutput and streamdev and I'm
able to make it crash by just changing channels.
Dish and signal are ok, no errors and my budget and dvb-s2 card are
both working perfectly.

That's a very good thing i read your message, i'll try to use 1.6.0
and see if it's ok with it :)



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