Am 14.02.2011 01:33, schrieb
> Udo Richter <> writes:
>> Using 1.7.16 on an unmodified FF DVB-S regularly, no special issues.
>> Rock solid as usual, as long as you don't do transfer mode on high
>> bandwidth channels.
> Are you still using it as a primary device with its mpeg decoder and
> video output ?

Yes, its still the primary output device. I'm using it together with an
budget SAT card. The card does live view, playback and transfer mode,
using the VDR 1.7 TS output device mode.

When recording using both devices, I make sure that output is suspended,
to avoid bandwidth overloads. Thats the only issue I have.

> This is an old rev1.5 card, I guess it was never meant to be used like
> this.

r1.6 card using fe2624 firmware, stock debian backports 2.6.32-bpo.5
kernel. Last reboot in december, right after installing the kernel.



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