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>> I've got a couple FF cards that work fine, although I've used them as
>> budget cards ever since I moved to a VDPAU setup.
> Hi,
> do you mean you have modified your ff card as explained on
> http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/DVB_TT_Budget_Patch ?

No, my FF cards are unmodified.  I mean that I'm not using the FF
aspect -- I don't use the onboard decoder or tv output.  I switched to
VDPAU for decoding (back when VDPAU was developed against the
xine-lib-1.1 tree), and the video cards output obviously.  This was
long before VDR-1.7.16 and FF support moved into a plugin
("dvbsddevice" in VDR-1.7.11).

> Do you use to have arm crashes or/and "unknown picture type" errors
> before ?

I experienced arm crashes a very long time ago (years) and it was due
to firmware, but since it was fixed there hasn't been any.  I've never
got an "unknown picture type" error.

> I have also considered modifying my ff card but i'm not sure if it
> will fix my issues.
> Any advice or feedback on that matter would really be helpful.

Your card should work as is with no modifications necessary.  My only
advice is that you use the current firmware and driver.  Maybe there's
a bug in the dvbsddevice plugin?  That's the only thing I can think of
since there's no doubt FF cards work fine with VDR-1.7.16 when used as
budget cards.

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