On 22/05/11 11:32, Arturo Martinez wrote:

I have a working vdr 1.7.16 installation with a satellite dvb-s2 card
working fine.

Now I have a separate receiver which I would like to integrate with vdr

I have a supported bt878 card (item number 23 in the list)


Besides a scart to rca cable to connect the receiver to the bt878 card
what else will I need to do so vdr works with it?

The sky plugin? (I am not interested in Sky, just want to have analog
video input from my third party receiver into my vdr box)

or some other analog tv plugin?

You need to use an analog card which will convert the analog stream to an mpep2 stream, such as the Hauppauge PVR series (150, 500 etc). You can probably pick one up on ebay for pennies. Alternatively, you can use the Hauppauge PVR-HD which will give you AC3 audio input and possibly HD input if you can find an HDMI to Component converter. You want one of these and the pvrinput plugin.

Rob Davis

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